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A typical wedding booking for me would include a soft prelude music during guest arrival followed by an upbeat cocktail hour and a possible featured performance at the reception. I can also host an entire wedding event including the wedding reception without the need of an additional dj. My basic setup includes a laptop or ipad, a professional dj mixing software for seamless song transitions and speakers for my performance. In addition to performing the music, I am able to setup a microphone and speakers for the officiant. Contact Sai for more information.

So, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the order of your music for your ceremony, I have listed a basic guide you can follow that will help you in deciding the best music flow that will fit your style. I’d like to note though, it’s really up to you. There is no set way to formulate… It’s your special day and you may design it any way you’d like. But, here’s an idea that at least you can start from. Let me know your thoughts or questions below.

PRELUDE (30 minutes)

Prelude- tend to be laid back and soft, background music. Acoustic piano or guitar instrumental music with soft violin is very nice because it is quiet and non-invasive for your guest arrival. You want the music to be heard but not heard. Just in the background, unless it’s more of a champagne hour where it’s purposely a more cocktail hour feel with more lively music.

CEREMONY (20-30 minutes)

Most wedding ceremonies utilize between 3-5 songs.

Song 1. Entrance of the officiant/ groom This signals to everyone that the wedding ceremony is about to begin. Most likely your guests have been arriving for the past 20-30 minutes and are all seated and are excitingly waiting for you to walk down the aisle. Sometimes you will have your first song begin at this time or it will begin after the officiant and groom are standing in their designated space. Just a matter of choice.

Song 2. Entrance of the honorary guests This is when your parents and/or grandparents walk down the aisle to be seated. At this point, the music can be elevated slightly either through the volume or by the music being more heavily orchestrated. For example, when I plays solo with tracks, instead of using piano or guitar only backing tracks, I would most likely use a track that also had strings, a saxophone, drums, bass etc. I love to shape my weddings musically and build up with each song to the moment when the bride arrives.

Song 3. Bridal Party / Flower Girl / Ring Bearer This is usually the last song before the bride walk down the aisle. It can be done various ways. You can separate one song for the men and one song for the women. Or, you can separate one song for the children and one song for the adults. I like when one song is for the entire party, men and women. I always think it flows better when there are not a lot of song changes. But, if you have a large bridal party then you may want to use a couple of songs, or either have one in reserve just in case. But, it’s never a good idea to reuse the song. It ends up sounding like it’s a mistake.

Song 4. Sand Ceremony or Ritual It’s very common to have a special moment within your ceremony where you either recite special vows or perform some type of love ritual like a sand ceremony or candle lighting. It’s very beautiful and adds a very original moment to your wedding that you and your guests will always remember. It’s always nice to have a instrumental at this time. You can even have music playing during this time while the officiant is talking. If it’s real low in volume and your officiant is mic’d it will be a real nice effect. Sometimes this is where a soloist would even be featured. A singer, or solo violin can perform en entire song dedicated to the bride and groom. The average wedding is around 15-20 minutes and so any added moments would be great and you have plenty of time. Plus, you spent lots of money on that dress, better wear it long as you can ;-)

Recessional / Exit Song 5. You are officially married ow, it’s time for you and your partner to take your first walk together as a married couple. As you both walk past your family and friends, you want to set the tone of what’s to come. An upbeat song is always best. After you and your bridal party exit, this song will also be played as your guest leave and make their way to your next location which is most likely the cocktail hour or reception.

COCKTAIL HOUR (60 minutes)

Time to take it up a notch with some upbeat, cool vibes. You can go any direction you’d like. Maybe you want classical music with a string quartet or maybe a jazz trio. The choice of music should reflect the style of you and your guests. Many people like me to play hip hop violin with instrumental tracks and dj. Good thing about what I do is that I can play any style, even the “rachet” Cardi B music and make it sound “classy.”

Reception This is the time where you can sit back and enjoy the company of your family and friends… and let’s not forget your new bae.

RECEPTION (4-6 Hours) You can create playlists for your Dj or live band

  1. Bridal Party intro - fun upbeat music. You can have one song or two for each gender

  2. Bride and Groom intro / 1st Dance - any special slow or mid tempo song good for dancing

  3. Father / Mother Dance - either into a slow or upbeat choreographed dance

  4. Toast, couple thank you’s, food blessings, dinner instructions

  5. Cake Cutting

  6. Dinner Music - this music is usually laid back jazz music or smooth, R&B or Christian music

  7. Party Music / Playlist

  8. Garter Removal / Bouquet Toss

  9. Last Dance

  10. Couple Exit

I hope you find this information useful. Once again, this is just a guide to help you start planning your wedding. All of your music should reflect the couples ideals and vibe. Good luck and happy planning!


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