Sai The Violinist is a Charlotte, North Carolina based artist offering professional music services for weddings, rehearsal dinners, wedding venues, corporate events, private parties, music schools, nightclubs, DJs, festivals, television and radio and entertainment venues.

I have been performing on stage since I was four years old. As a New Yorker, my formative years were spent studying with some of the city’s most celebrated musicians and educators. Listed below are some more fun facts about me!

  • I am currently a traveling musician performing weddings, public events, recordings, interviews, music festivals, fundraisers, teaching music lessons and educational music workshops for various school functions. Although based out of Charlotte, NC I am available for all events within and outside of the United States.

  • I founded the Sai Musiq Jazz Series in 2010 which still remains one of the most ground breaking jazz series in Charlotte, NC.

  • I offer music lessons for children and adults as well as music workshops for schools and churches.

  • I love performing in bars and clubs because the energy is amazing. Everyone coming out to have a good time and mingle with new people invigorates me and is often when I do my best performances.

  • Yes, I occasionally play at funerals and memorials. Though, it is not my favorites thing, it helps to keep me grounded and focused on my purpose in life and so I am grateful for those types of events as well.

  • I love to draw too! i believe that true artists are versatile in the artistry and often our talents will cross over into different areas of expression in the arts. Musicians and artists all share the need to want to share our feelings with the world and most times it cannot me limited to only one form of expression. In addition to playing the violin and drawing, I also play the piano and sing.