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Acoustic Violin

For an acoustic performance, speakers are not needed. I play this style of violin for mostly classical weddings, orchestras, violin-o-grams and strolling violin. The sound will not be as loud and so when possible, I’d still recommend miking the violin just for clarity.

This is ideal for outdoor weddings with a string quartet or a small cocktail hour with strolling violin and restaurant /cafes that request violin music to be played from table to table for the guests.

Sai The Violinist

Small Spaces

For this event, I was performing a solo set of 2-3 hours (electric violin and vocal) for a Sunday Brunch. There was very limited space and I was setup in a small space between the kitchen door entrance and the stairs. And because there were guests dining directly in front of me, it was best to have just one powered speaker in back of me so that I could hear myself and the guests could hear the music but not be overwhelmed by loud music. The mixer is sitting directly on top of the speaker and my effects pedal is by my feet for easy access. Since I had my microphone for vocals, I was able to mount my ipad comfortably on the mic stand.

This is an ideal setup for any small space for up to 50 guests.


PA System Speakers for an event usually requires at least one large powered speaker or 2 smaller speakers and a mixer. This setup is good for small spaces and 50 - 100 people depending on the room. This mostly includes events at coffee houses, backyard event, a cocktail hour, house party, birthday party or dinner party. For larger events like receptions and outdoor weddings, it’s good to include a sub woofer or two. Having a small speaker setup for large areas or dense crowds will only result in poor sound quality. It’s always best to have more sound than not enough, this will ensure the band sounds great and your speaker is hear clearly. For the best results, a sound engineer should be present to control the sound quality at all times. I sometimes require this for certain events to ensure the integrity of the event.

Setup Time It typically takes between one and three hours to set up for most events. I like to be finished with my set up at least 30 minutes prior to the time I am set to begin my performance. For events that take place in a hotel or types of venues with loading docks, there may be an additional fee for load-in and load-out. Because equipment is heavy and time consuming to move, it may take an additional 2-4 hours just to transport through elevators, park, ,etc, subsequently resulting in more man power and sometimes an additional hired hand just for this task.

Travel Out of town events are welcomed and encouraged, both locally and abroad. This includes destination weddings, beach weddings, yacht parties, casino events, overseas, etc. Travel costs vary depending on the regions current travel rates. Because I use points for hotel and travel, I offer the minimum charges for my clients. I prefer to book my own hotel room, air flight, bus or train ticket, but, this is negotiable on a case by case basis. See Contact page to request a free quote.