I offer my clients more than the average violinist. I have both a traditional performance style of violin playing for classic events and a then contemporary performance style for a more modern experience.

Booking Options


If you are interested booking music for a small space or small budget, I can perform solo with violin, vocals or piano. I use my laptop or mobile device to play instrumental backing tracks for a professional dj style of performance. I play all styles of music and I am very versatile in my song selections. I can play anything from hip hop to jazz and even popular classical or acoustic pop songs. My solo performance setup is great because the music will sound exactly like the radio, while taking up very little space.

Sometimes this setup may still require me to have a sound engineer depending on the event. Even though it is more economical, it may not be the best choice if you are wanting to entertain your guests. I usually perform wireless, which means I can walk/dance around a large room and fully engage your guests. But, this cannot be done if I am running my own tracks. If I were to be solo, that would be ideal for a laid back performance in the corner of a room or any stationary performance like a corporate banquet dinner.

Performing with a Dj

Another option for a small party, small space or small budget would be electric violin, vocals and a featured dj. This combination allows me to move around and perform freely while the dj controls the music and also takes song requests from your guests. Having a dj join me would require slightly more space and equipment. Load-in and load-out time would also me increased. But, if you are looking for music that is current and mainly top 40 Billboard hip hop and pop music, this is the best direction to go.

Full Band

Though a bit pricier, a live band would definitely be most enjoyable for your guests if they are wanting an interactive high energy experience. My band, Sounds Of Sai performs jazz, Top 40, beach music, hip hop, r&b and soulful classics like Motown and Shag music. We also play original music depending on the type of event or performance venue it is. Keep in mind though that a band requires more accommodations like space, preparation, load-in and load out time, etc. If budget is not an option, a live band is the the best choice for featured live entertainment. Even adding a dj would add nice element that would offer your guests the ultimate live music experience.


For a more traditional event, I would recommend live strings. This can be any combination of violin, viola, cello, upright bass or harp. My strings ensemble can perform acoustic or electric classical, jazz or pop music. These days, most clients are opting for a more modern sound for live entertainment and this includes a variety of stringed instruments. It would definitely add a wow factor for your guests. Today’s classical string ensembles have grown to incorporate modern songs into the standard strings repertoire. Now we play everything from Bach, Mozart and Chopin to Jay-Z, The Black Eyed Peas and Taylor Swift.

Music and Corporate

For corporate events and company fundraisers, it’s very common to have various musical elements throughout one single event. A typical booking may include: music while guests are arriving, dinner music, a featured performance during the reception, music for dancing and finally while your guests are leaving. You may like a string quartet in the lobby as your guests are arriving, then hip hop electric violin and dj during cocktail hour, then a featured jazzy performance followed by a live band for dancing. I offer a full consultation for clients looking for a large scale music booking. See contact page for more information.

Ultimately, the type of instrumentation you decide to incorporate into your event should reflect the environment and purpose of the engagement. There is no set way it should be done. Always choose what best fits your needs and budget.



All ensembles and solo performances may be booked for all private and public events including the following at:

banquets, museums, hotel events, fundraisers, weddings, music festivals, funerals, birthday and graduation celebrations, television shows, radio, music video, bar, cafe, restaurants, resorts, country clubs, office parties, holiday events, retirement parties and all other events.