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I offer my clients more than the average violinist! I have both a traditional performance style of violin playing for classic events and a then contemporary performance style for a more modern experience.

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Time/Add Musician + Sai & Sound =Total/ Sai Solo

5 MIN FEAT/$100+$150 = $250/$150
20-30 MIN/$125+$175 = $300/$200
1 HR/$175+$250 =$425/$250
2 HR $200+$350 =$550/$350
3 HR $250+$400 =$650/$450
4 HR $300+$450 =$750/$550
5 HR $400+$600 =$1,050/$700

Fall 2019. Rates are subject to change without notice.

Sounds Of Sai Band Variations

All of my band ensembles and solo performances may be booked for all private and public events including: banquets, museums, hotel events, fundraisers, weddings, music festivals, funerals, birthday and graduation celebrations, television shows, radio, music video, bar, cafe, restaurants, resorts, country clubs, office parties, holiday events, retirement parties and all other events.

Acoustic Violin Performance

For an acoustic performance, speakers are not needed. I play this style of violin for mostly classical weddings, orchestras, violin-o-grams and strolling violin. The sound will not be as loud and so when possible, I’d still recommend miking the violin just for clarity.

This is ideal for outdoor weddings with a string quartet or a small cocktail hour with strolling violin and restaurant /cafes that request violin music to be played from table to table for the guests.



If you are interested booking music for a small space or small budget, I can perform solo with violin, vocals or piano. I use my laptop or mobile device to play instrumental backing tracks for a professional dj style of performance. I play all styles of music and I am very versatile in my song selections. I can play anything from hip hop to jazz and even popular classical or acoustic pop songs. My solo performance setup is great because the music will sound exactly like the radio, while taking up very little space.

Sometimes this setup may still require me to have a sound engineer depending on the event. Even though it is more economical, it may not be the best choice if you are wanting to entertain your guests. I usually perform wireless, which means I can walk/dance around a large room and fully engage your guests. But, this cannot be done if I am running my own tracks. If I were to be solo, that would be ideal for a laid back performance in the corner of a room or any stationary performance like a corporate banquet dinner.

Performing With A DJ

Another option for a small party, small space or small budget would be electric violin, vocals and a featured dj. This combination allows me to move around and perform freely while the dj controls the music and also takes song requests from your guests. Having a dj join me would require slightly more space and equipment. Load-in and load-out time would also me increased. But, if you are looking for music that is current and mainly top 40 Billboard hip hop and pop music, this is the best direction to go.

Full Band

Though a bit pricier, a live band would definitely be most enjoyable for your guests if they are wanting an interactive high energy experience. My band, Sounds Of Sai performs jazz, Top 40, beach music, hip hop, r&b and soulful classics like Motown and Shag music. We also play original music depending on the type of event or performance venue it is. Keep in mind though that a band requires more accommodations like space, preparation, load-in and load out time, etc. If budget is not an option, a live band is the the best choice for featured live entertainment. Even adding a dj would add nice element that would offer your guests the ultimate live music experience.


For a more traditional event, I would recommend live strings. This can be any combination of violin, viola, cello, upright bass or harp. My strings ensemble can perform acoustic or electric classical, jazz or pop music. These days, most clients are opting for a more modern sound for live entertainment and this includes a variety of stringed instruments. It would definitely add a wow factor for your guests. Today’s classical string ensembles have grown to incorporate modern songs into the standard strings repertoire. Now we play everything from Bach, Mozart and Chopin to Jay-Z, The Black Eyed Peas and Taylor Swift.

Corporate Events

For corporate events and company fundraisers, it’s very common to have various musical elements throughout one single event. A typical booking may include: music while guests are arriving, dinner music, a featured performance during the reception, music for dancing and finally while your guests are leaving. You may like a string quartet in the lobby as your guests are arriving, then hip hop electric violin and dj during cocktail hour, then a featured jazzy performance followed by a live band for dancing. I offer a full consultation for clients looking for a large scale music booking. See contact page for more information.

Ultimately, the type of instrumentation you decide to incorporate into your event should reflect the environment and purpose of the engagement. There is no set way it should be done. Always choose what best fits your needs and budget.

Violin-O-Gram By Sai

Elevate your wedding proposals, candlelight dinner, birthday or anniversary with strolling violin music. Choose your style of music - jazz, classical, r&b, pop - make it an unforgettable event. The following list is some of the most common places for this type of performance.

  • Restaurants, cafes and bars - most managers allow brief outside music within a booked room or area

  • Public parks - most times permission is not needed as long as the music is not amplified and there are no events going on. And it’s easy to set up a small wireless speaker playing soft instrumental tracks

  • Hotel Rooms / Ballroom / Lobby - electric violin and a small amplified speaker will set the mood for any style of music.

  • Museum - many overlooked event spaces include museum rooms. It’s the perfect place to hold a small get together or even propose to your significant other. The beautiful art sculptures and painting decor sets the stage for any dream place.

  • Train or subway station - a bit “out-of-the-box’ perhaps, but your local transit station may be a cool space hold a quick 20-30 minute event to celebrate love or achievement.


PA System

Speakers for an event usually requires at least one large powered speaker or 2 smaller speakers and a mixer. This setup is good for small spaces and 50 - 100 people depending on the room. This mostly includes events at coffee houses, backyard event, a cocktail hour, house party, birthday party or dinner party. For larger events like receptions and outdoor weddings, it’s good to include a sub woofer or two. Having a small speaker setup for large areas or dense crowds will only result in poor sound quality. It’s always best to have more sound than not enough, this will ensure the band sounds great and your speaker is hear clearly. For the best results, a sound engineer should be present to control the sound quality at all times. I sometimes require this for certain events to ensure the integrity of the event.

Setup Time

It typically takes between one and three hours to set up for most events. I like to be finished with my set up at least 30 minutes prior to the time I am set to begin my performance. For events that take place in a hotel or types of venues with loading docks, there may be an additional fee for load-in and load-out. Because equipment is heavy and time consuming to move, it may take an additional 2-4 hours just to transport through elevators, park, ,etc, subsequently resulting in more man power and sometimes an additional hired hand just for this task.


Out of town events are welcomed and encouraged, both locally and abroad. This includes destination weddings, beach weddings, yacht parties, casino events, overseas, etc. Travel costs vary depending on the regions current travel rates. Because I use points for hotel and travel, I offer the minimum charges for my clients. I prefer to book my own hotel room, air flight, bus or train ticket, but, this is negotiable on a case by case basis. See Contact page to request a free quote.


A typical wedding booking for me would include a soft prelude music during guest arrival followed by an upbeat cocktail hour and a possible featured performance at the reception. I can also host an entire wedding event including the wedding reception without the need of an additional dj. My basic setup includes a laptop or ipad, a professional dj mixing software for seamless song transitions and speakers for my performance. In addition to performing the music, I am able to setup a microphone and speakers for the officiant. Contact Sai for more information.

So, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the order of your music for your ceremony, I have listed a basic guide you can follow that will help you in deciding the best music flow that will fit your style. I’d like to note though, it’s really up to you. There is no set way to formulate… It’s your special day and you may design it any way you’d like. But, here’s an idea that at least you can start from. Let me know your thoughts or questions below.

Prelude (30 minutes)

Prelude- tend to be laid back and soft, background music. Acoustic piano or guitar instrumental music with soft violin is very nice because it is quiet and non-invasive for your guest arrival. You want the music to be heard but not heard. Just in the background, unless it’s more of a champagne hour where it’s purposely a more cocktail hour feel with more lively music.

Ceremony (20-30 minutes) Most wedding ceremonies utilize between 3-5 songs.

Song 1. Entrance of the officiant/ groom This signals to everyone that the wedding ceremony is about to begin. Most likely your guests have been arriving for the past 20-30 minutes and are all seated and are excitingly waiting for you to walk down the aisle. Sometimes you will have your first song begin at this time or it will begin after the officiant and groom are standing in their designated space. Just a matter of choice.

Song 2. Entrance of the honorary guests This is when your parents and/or grandparents walk down the aisle to be seated. At this point, the music can be elevated slightly either through the volume or by the music being more heavily orchestrated. For example, when I plays solo with tracks, instead of using piano or guitar only backing tracks, I would most likely use a track that also had strings, a saxophone, drums, bass etc. I love to shape my weddings musically and build up with each song to the moment when the bride arrives.

Song 3. Bridal Party / Flower Girl / Ring Bearer This is usually the last song before the bride walk down the aisle. It can be done various ways. You can separate one song for the men and one song for the women. Or, you can separate one song for the children and one song for the adults. I like when one song is for the entire party, men and women. I always think it flows better when there are not a lot of song changes. But, if you have a large bridal party then you may want to use a couple of songs, or either have one in reserve just in case. But, it’s never a good idea to reuse the song. It ends up sounding like it’s a mistake.

Song 4. Sand Ceremony or Ritual It’s very common to have a special moment within your ceremony where you either recite special vows or perform some type of love ritual like a sand ceremony or candle lighting. It’s very beautiful and adds a very original moment to your wedding that you and your guests will always remember. It’s always nice to have a instrumental at this time. You can even have music playing during this time while the officiant is talking. If it’s real low in volume and your officiant is mic’d it will be a real nice effect. Sometimes this is where a soloist would even be featured. A singer, or solo violin can perform en entire song dedicated to the bride and groom. The average wedding is around 15-20 minutes and so any added moments would be great and you have plenty of time. Plus, you spent lots of money on that dress, better wear it long as you can ;-)

Recessional / Exit Song 5. You are officially married now and it’s time for you and your partner to take your first walk together as a married couple. As you both walk past your family and friends, you want to set the tone of what’s to come. An upbeat song is always best. After you and your bridal party exit, this song will also be played as your guest leave and make their way to your next location which is most likely the cocktail hour or reception.

Cocktail Hour or Champagne Hour (before the ceremony) (60 minutes)

Time to take it up a notch with some upbeat, cool vibes. You can go any direction you’d like. Maybe you want classical music with a string quartet or maybe a jazz trio. The choice of music should reflect the style of you and your guests. Many people like me to play hip hop violin with instrumental tracks and dj. Good thing about what I do is that I can play any style, even the “rachet” Cardi B music and make it sound “classy.”

Reception (4-6 Hours) You can create playlists for your Dj or live band

Bridal Party intro - fun upbeat music. You can have one song or two for each gender

  1. Bride and Groom intro / 1st Dance - any special slow or mid tempo song good for dancing

  2. Father / Mother Dance - either into a slow or upbeat choreographed dance

  3. Toast, couple thank you’s, food blessings, dinner instructions

  4. Cake Cutting

  5. Dinner Music - this music is usually laid back jazz music or smooth, R&B or Christian music

  6. Party Music / Playlist

  7. Garter Removal / Bouquet Toss

  8. Last Dance

  9. Couple Exit

I hope you find this information useful. Once again, this is just a guide to help you start planning your wedding. All of your music should reflect the couples ideals and vibe. Good luck and happy planning!